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We are glad to share the news of a newborn Mobile Legends: Bang Bang injector of 2024. Its name is Drui Dragon Modz MLBB APK. Recently this mod has been launched. Many new special features are being added to this masterpiece. Moreover, it is gaining popularity day by day and helping novice players. It also helps in rank booster and gives access to unlimited diamonds.

Secondly, this can assist you on the battlefield and unlock the necessary war items. Gradually it enhances the player’s capabilities to survive on the battleground. Skills will improve to new to advanced levels. That makes you get a victory against legendary players. Many rewards and points will be added to your account. You can purchase whatever you want. Avail the opportunity and fulfil your dreams without putting in any effort.

More about Drui Dragon Modz APK:

Drui Dragon Modz MLBB APK is a new functional application of 2024 for Android. This new injector works perfectly without any errors. Moreover, it does not promote any Ads. Works on all Android versions and supports 32Bit. Furthermore, all premium items are available. A few important ones are as follows; ESP Health, Monster Alert, Drone View, Icon Hero, Icon 360, Recalls, Emotes, Effects, and many latest ML Skins. Furthermore, select your favourite ml skins and customize your hero. Painted and Animated skin for heroes: Fighter, Marksman, Assassin, Tank, Mage, and Support.

On the other hand, this is the only tool which works free of cost. There is no charge to download, install, and use this injector. Many new and best-paid items are freely available for you. This can be your best choice to take a chance and become a legendary player. For more cheats try Ling Mod APK and Joker Art Modz.

Features of Drui Dragon Modz MLBB:

ESP Menu:

  • Clear Cache / Battle Record / Fight History
  • Real Bypass and Block Report 99%
  • New Room Info
  • Test Button
  • ESP Player: ESP Dot, ESP Line2, ESP Box, ESP Health, ESP Circle Health, ESP Hero Name, ESP Player Name, ESP Distance, ESP Alert, ESP Visible, ESP Shortcut Player.
  • ESP Jungle Monster: ESP Minion Percentage, ESP Monster Box, ESP Monster Health, ESP Monster Name, ESP Alert, ESP Shortcut Jungle & Player.

Other Menu:

  • Hack Menu: ESP Mini Map Icon, ESP Real Health, and ESP Real Health2.
  • Drone Horizontal: 0 to 50
  • Belerick Flick +3
  • Edith Flick +2
  • Franco Flick +3
  • Barats Auto Basic +2+1 /2+1

Auto Aim:

  • Range Distance & Lowest HP: 2
  • Range Fov: 100
  • Basic, Skill 1, Skill 2, Skill 3, Skill 4, and FlameShot.
  • Tank Manual Skill/Combo: Atlas Flick +3, Tigreal Flick +3, and Franco 1+3.
  • Fighter Manual Skill/Combo: YuZhong Manual Combo, Fridrenm Manual Combo, Chou Flick +3, Badang 2+3, Paquito 2+1+3, Alucard 1+2, Alpha 2+1.
  • Mage Manual Skill/Combo: Vale 3+2, Vexana 2+1, Harley 3+1, Kagura Tap2 Manual Combo, Gord 2+1, Xavier 1+2, Odette 2+1, Novaria 2+1, Pharsa 1+2.
  • Assassin Manual Skill/Combo: Gusion Manual Combo v1, Gusion Manual Combo v2, Selena 1+2.
  • Marksman Manual Skill/Combo: Ixia 1+2 / 2+1, Natan 1+2 / 2+1.
  • Auto Retri: Buff, Turtle, Lord, and Shortcut Buff/Lord/Turtle.

Botton Menu:

  • Dragon Button On/Off
  • Speed Fast 10: Speed Slow 30 Combo/Spell/Skills: 30
  • Button on/off Counter Ling Sword Stuck
  • Moskov Auto Ulti (15% Enemy)
  • Granger Auto Ulti (40% Enemy)
  • Martis Auto Ulti (32% Enemy)

Menu Automatic:

  • Automatic Ling: Manual Take Sword, and Automatic Sword Ling Fast.
  • Skills Automatic: Irithil Auto Skill, Ixia, Julian, Cyclops, Barats, Odette, Kadita, Natan, and Angela Auto Skills.
  • Automatic 1/2 Skill: Lesley Auto Skill, Natalia, Luo-Yi, Aulus, Phoveus, Alice, Guinevere, and JawHead Auto Skills.
  • Automatic Ulti: Beatrix Auto Ulti, Mellissa, Layla, Argus, and Balmond Auto Ulti.
  • Spell Automatic: Auto Aegis, Auto Vengeance, Auto Petrify, Auto Execute, Auto FlameShot.

Is Drui Dragon Modz MLBB APK safe to use?

Yes, Drui Dragon Modz MLBB APK is safe to use on Android devices. For your safety, first try this on a guest account, if you find it is a reliable injector then use it on your main account. This tool is Anti-Ban in many countries across the globe. So use a VPN to change the location. After using it, there is a very minor chance that Moonton will detect your account. Moreover, always try the latest version, sometimes the old version may misbehave.

Final Thoughts:

In a nutshell, click the above download link to get the latest version of Drui Dragon Modz APK. After downloading follow the conventional method to install this injector. Then open the application copy and paste the above key. Now you can enjoy the game with premium stuff. Share the post if you find it valuable with your nears and dears. Through the comment section or our telegram group share your concerns and issues.

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