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Rain City ML
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Mobile Legends; Bang Bang is the top 5vs5 battle arena game, with a unique battleground and mesmerizing effects which enhance the beauty of the game. If you are a true lover of this game then here is good news for you. Now you can get your favoured attributes by using this Rain City Modz or Rain City Mod APK. This injector has been developed recently and added all the necessary features that make your hero stronger than others.

Secondly, this Java ImGui is a new kind of patcher Android application. That has versatile amounts of features that help players to get the victory. Otherwise, there is a challenging task to compete with the legendary players. But now you can get fame and become a legendary player by injecting these cheats into the game. Read this post carefully all the important details about this injector are below.

Unlocking the secrets about Rain City Modz APK:

This Rain City Modz ML APK contains some unique and interesting features that help to customize MLBB. The developer designed this injector with a new interface and made a separate menu for each cheat. Moreover, this Patcher APK is free of cost to download, install, and use. By clicking the cheats easily unlock the Wallhack, One Hit, Respawn, Rank Booster, Auto Aim, Skins, Aimbot, Auto Tap Sword Ling, Auto Sprint, Auto Flicker, and Auto Execute. Furthermore, implementing these features creates your way towards victory. In addition, all the best skins of 2024 are available for Marksman, Assassin, Tank, Mage, Support, and Fighter. Avail the opportunity and get awesome skins for your heroes. On the other hand, if you admire more cheats try SkyModz Lite APK.

The ultimate features of Rain City Modz:

  • ImGui Version: Off/On
  • Menu Fps: Frame rate, 30 Hz, 60 Hz, 90 Hz, 12O Hz, 150 Hz, 210 Hz, 240 Hz.
  • Menu Unlock: Unlock Network Boost, All Spell, All Skins, Free Skin, Free Hero.
  • Menu Show RoomInfo: Off/On, show Nick, Rank, Hero, and Spell.
  • Menu Show Player: Show Mini Map Icon, Show Enemy Health Bar.
  • Menu Camera: Drone 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, 6X, and Horizontal 30X.
  • ESP Player Menu: Esp Line, Box, Round, Health, Name Hero, Name Player, Alert 360, Visible check.
  • ESP Monster Player: Monster Line, Box, Round, Health, Name, Alert Lord Attack, Alert Red Buff Attack, Alert Blue Buff Attack, and Esp Visible Check.
  • Menu ESP Minion: Line, Box, Round, Health, and Esp Minion dot.
  • Menu Auto Retribution: Buff, Turtle, Lord, Litho, Crab, Rockursa, Scaled, Retri Trigger.
  • Auto Spell Menu: Auto Sprint, Flicker, Execute, Flame Shot, Aegis, and Revitalize.
  • Menu Aim: Target Priority, Closest Distance, Lowest HP, Range Fov: 100, Aim Flame Shot, Aim Basic Attack, Aim Skill (1,2,3,4), manual and Auto Tap Sword Ling.
  • Menu Booster: Magical Up + 10%, Physical Up + 10%, Defence Up + 15%, Enemy Lag + 15%.
  • Automatic Basic Attack: Kimmy, Wanwan, and Irithel.
  • Automatic Ultimate: Balmon Ulti, Martis Ulti, Dyroth Ulti, Hilda Ulti, Granger Ulti, Yin Ulti.
  • Menu Custom: One Hit, Wallhack, No Respawn, Run Speed 10, Attack Speed 10.

Login Key for Rain City Modz APK:

Rain City Modz APK is one of the safest and most secure Android applications. The developer encrypted this novice mod with a login Key. Here is the key to unlocking the mega application. Moreover, this mod is Anti-Ban and there is zero chance that Moonton detect your devices. Furthermore, it does not require your account details. Feel free to use it, try a guest account or a VPN.

Final Thoughts:

In a nutshell, Rain City Modz is one of the newborn injectors with many extraordinary characteristics. Pree the above download link and get the latest version without any charge. After installation open it and paste where it demands. After that, a golden treasure will be available to purchase diamonds. Free and unlimited diamonds are waiting for you. This is the best blessing for novice players, with any trouble they can get infinite rewards.


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