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Mobile Legends Bang Bang is the most competitive 5vs5 online game in the world. Day by day, its users are increasing, and it is becoming more famous. Firstly, why it is getting popular? It is becoming popular because of Sary IMGUI Modz APK or Sary Modz ML APK. Secondly, this is the new MLBB 2024 mod application that enhances the beauty of the game by unlocking several features.

Unlocking the secrets of Sary IMGUI Modz APK:

Here we are going to unlock some hidden secrets of Sary IMGUI Modz APK by reviewing it on our devices. First of all, this mod is free to download and use, but make sure you have an internet connection. Secondly, this mod is for both novice and pro players. As you know, Novice players are bound to limited features. So, it is very difficult for them to win the battle. But after getting access to this mod they can get various features which are very helpful for them to get victory. Moreover, it can also provide numerous benefits for pro players, they can get free skins, emotes, esps, maps, effects, backgrounds and rank boosters. Furthermore, here is another mod called New Tembo Mod APK, which is also full of features.

The ultimate new features of Sary IMGUI Modz APK:

ESP Menu:

Player ESP: line, box, health, name, distance, hero, alert.

Monster ESP: Monster box, monster health, monster name, monster alert, full map hack, and show health B.

Auto Aim:

Skill 1+x?: Skill 1+basic, Skill 1+2, Skill 1+3.

Skills 2+x?: Skills 2+ basic, Skill 2+1, Skill 2+3.

More Skills: Basic attack, skill 1, skill 2, skill 3.

Skill 3+x?: Skill 3+2, Skill 3+1, Skill 3+3.

Auto Skill:

Vip Skills: Ling automatic, auto take sword manual, and ling sword intuitive.

Speed: slow 30 seconds, medium 25 seconds, and speed 20 seconds.

Kimmy auto skill: open button, speed Kimmy 30 seconds.


Auto Spell: Retri Trigger, Auto Execute, Auto Flamshoot.

Steal Lord/Tutle: Xavier Lord/Tutle, Moskov Lord/Tutle, Beatrix Lord/Tutle.

Steal Lord/Tutle HP: Hp of Lord/Tutle, 1000.0m.

Target: Buff, Turtle, Lord, Crab, etc.

Info Room:

Team A: Name, User ID, Rank, Hero, Spell.

Team B: Name, User ID, Rank, Hero, Spell.

Final Thoughts:

In a nutshell, This is the up-to-date Sary IMGUI Modz APK and its current version is v2.5. In addition, this mod is free of passwords and does not need account details. It is also free of advertisements, and functionally active. This tool is a secure third-party application and is anti-banned worldwide. Finally, now you can use it without any fear and share the links with your teammates and friends.

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